Get Going with Morning Movement! Daily Activity for Children

We all know the struggle of getting out of bed on those days when we’d rather sleep in.

And so do our kids.

Adding morning movement to your kids’ routines is a great strategy to wake up their bodies and their minds, preparing them for a successful day of work or play.

Physical movement encourages blood flow, helping oxygen move through the body and to the brain. This means that your kids will be better able to process, retain, and engage with the information they learn.

Regular activity is shown to increase cognitive and motor skills in children. With improved mental development, physical health, and overall emotional well-being comes higher performance in school and at home.

Getting your children accustomed to a morning routine that incorporates movement will prepare them for a day filled with curiosity, education, and excitement. After moving around, your kids will be enabled to complete their other routine tasks with ease.

And once you get started, you’ll notice that your kids’ will have a greater ability to learn with longer attention spans and increased problem-solving skills.

The hardest part is getting started. Once you get your children to move their bodies, their brains will wake up. And once your kids’ bodies adjust to a routine, waking up on time will come naturally.

Commit to morning movement, and everyone will be thankful!

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