Barefoot Shoes - Vegan Manufacturing

As the founder of Zuna Shoes’ son likes to say. “We don’t eat or harm our friends.” This is why our manufacturing partner is PETA Approved Vegan.

All of our barefoot shoes are vegan. As a small family run business, it is a challenge to influence the manufacturing process. But as we built our company, certain values were a must for us. Not testing or using animal products was one of the principles that is the foundation of Zuna Shoes. We are proud to look our kids’ in their eyes and let them know that the values we hold dear in our home we also practice in our business.

Our shoes are made entirely of 100% synthetic materials with 0% animal products. No shoe process is perfect. However, in addition to not harming any living beings, we strive to make our process have less impact on the environment over shoes made with animal materials. We are continually researching more sustainable manufacturing processes that continue to exclude animal products.

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