Our Passion is Kids' Barefoot Shoes

Zuna barefoot shoes are specifically made for growing children’s feet in mind. If you are looking for boys’ barefoot shoes and/or girls’ barefoot shoes, you are in the right place. Traditional shoes have padding and arch support that weaken the feet. Minimalist shoes encourage natural foot development. Zuna girls’ barefoot shoes (or boys’ barefoot shoes), have minimal padding and no arch support. Thin soles and no support strengthen kids feet by inviting the muscles to work naturally. Our boys’ and girls’ barefoot shoes also follow the natural foot shape. They have a non-restricting wide toe box which allows toes to spread out. Their toes can grip the ground to find stability. Children’s feet grow in the most untouched way. And let’s not forget that all of our kids' shoes are zero drop! Children wearing zero drop shoes can feel the ground beneath them as if they were  being barefoot. It encourages feet to continue growing uninhibited.

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