Why Spend Money on Shoes that my Kids Will Outgrow?

Most kids before teenage years grow one to two shoe sizes per year. So why would any parent spend money on quality shoes? Common wisdom states to spend the least amount of money on children’s shoes, since kids’ feet outgrow the shoes so quickly. Traditional wisdom suggests that expensive shoes are for adults whose feet do not continue to grow and therefore, would benefit from high quality shoes longer.

However, this is exactly why kids should wear quality shoes! By the age of 10, 80% of foot growth has been completed. By ages 14-16, children’s feet will stop growing entirely! Those years can have the most impact on the health of your children’s feet. Get them in low quality, padded shoes with an elevated heel and you are setting them up for poor foot health. When children wear zero-drop barefoot shoes with plenty of room for toes to spread out, you are allowing their feet to continue their natural growth. You are setting them up for excellent base-of-foot health.

Children that start with the right shoes at a young age will not have to unlearn bad habits that typical shoes create. Start them young and make the life-long investment of having your kids wear natural barefoot shoes.

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